This cool and delicious sorbetto arises from the selection of the finest Sicilian strawberries and wild strawberries. Fleshy, delicate and fragrant, these little fruits attract your gaze for the decisive red colours that cheer the view; they inebriate with their intense perfume and delight with their unique flavour.

The clear and elegant colour indicates the naturalness of the raw materials used and the absence of artificial colours. Its delicate opening cue as it enters the mouth is a prelude to surprising fullness and persistency. Very aromatic, its sweetness is well harmonised by a balanced acidic note that leaves the mouth fresh and clean.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




Water, sugar, glucose syrup, concentrated puree of Sicilian strawberries and wild strawberries 6%, dextrose, acidifier (citric acid). Stabiliser: tara seed flour.


Only all-natural and genuine ingredients. Does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or aromas. The stabiliser employed is tara flour, which comes from a Peruvian carob.


Storage temperature: Store in freezer at -18°C.



Many parts of Sicily are well-suited for growing strawberries. The first strawberry farms appeared on Etna at the beginning of the 1900s. Today the most famous are the wild strawberries grown in Ribera, a Slow Food Presidium. They too come from the area around Marsala near Trapani. A large and variegated area where the best are chosen, year in, year out.



Pairings: With white and rosé spumante and champagne. With rose water or peppermint liquor. With a glass of Marsala Vergine and a dish of strawberries and oranges.


Inspiration: Perfect at the end of a meal to aid digestion. It becomes an original overture when served in small glasses together with finger food. It can also be an original ingredient for refreshing cocktails.



Serving instructions: After removing from freezer, let sit for a few minutes before serving.


Serving techniques: In a cup, cone or brioche (a special round, fluffy, typically Sicilian bread that is often overhung with the classic “tuppo” or “cozzo”). We suggest using the appropriate spatula or a kitchen spoon to serve. Avoid serving in little balls.