This speciality arises from a selection of the best Sicilian pistachios cultivated for centuries on Mount Etna’s black volcanic soils. These gems are sweet, delicate, aromatic and precious. Produced in small quantities through an ancient mountain agricultural tradition, they can be identified by their deep, green colour and hallmark light, pink veins.

Pale green tending towards beige in colour. A delicate, attractive, nutty aroma, typical of a natural product free of artificial additives. Soft, round, and lusciously smooth on the palate. Rich and flavoursome.



Re-hydrated skim milk, sugar, Sicilian pistachio paste 7%, glucose syrup, butter, dextrose, toasted pistachio grains 1%.
Stabiliser: tara seed flower.


Only all-natural and genuine ingredients. Does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or aromas. The stabiliser employed is tara seed flour, which comes from a Peruvian carob.


Storage temperature: Store in freezer at -18°C.



Bronte, Adrano, and Biancavilla are small towns on the slopes of Mount Etna, in Eastern Sicily, in the Province of Catania. They are characterised by an ideal micro-climate for growing pistachios and unique volcanic soils.



Pairings: Perfect with Marsala Vergine fortified wine. One might want to try it with artisanal, yeast-based beers.


Inspiration: Amazing when served in the winter with lemon balm herbal tea, for an intense hot-and-cold shiver. At Christmas time, it makes artisanal panettone unforgettable.



Serving instructions: After removing from freezer, let sit for a few minutes before serving.


Serving techniques: In a cup, cone or brioche (a special round, fluffy, typically Sicilian bread that is often overhung with the classic “tuppo” or “cozzo”: irresistible with gelato or whipped cream). We suggest using the appropriate spatula or a kitchen spoon to serve. Avoid serving in little balls.