This soft and tasty speciality arises from the selection of the finest Sicilian hazelnuts, renown and appreciated the world over for their unmistakable aroma, their delicate flavour and persistent perfume. Traditionally used in Sicilian cooking, they are the foundation of many typical desserts from pasta reale to torrone.

Its colour is natural, pail beige. Its structure is curved and its consistency smooth. The flavour is that of toasted hazelnuts, sweet and fresh, with hints of bread crust and caramel. The aroma is delicate but full, typical of a natural product made without artificial aromas.



Re-hydrated skim milk, sugar, Nebrodi hazelnut paste 8%, glucose syrup, dextrose, butter, flecks of toasted Nebrodi hazelnuts 1%. Stabiliser: tara seed flour.


Only all-natural and genuine ingredients. Does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or aromas. The stabiliser employed is tara seed flour, which comes from a Peruvian carob.


Storage temperature: Store in freezer at -18°C.



Planted on the medium and high hills along the North face of the Nebrodi Mountains at the end of the 1800s, these hazelnuts are today the protagonists of their agrarian landscape, highly prized for their quality, they represent a unique heritage of biodiversity thanks to the coexistence of numerous cultivars. The Nebrodi make up the central part of the Sicilian Apennines and they run from Central Sicily to the East where they reach Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano.



Pairings: With sweet raisin wines, like Vin Santo or Sauternes. As a tasty snack it can be paired with chocolate wafer cookies. Its classic pairing is with crepes, smothered with whipped cream, hot chocolate and flecks of toasted hazelnuts.


Inspiration: Try it with extraordinary desserts like a sbrisolona with pears marinated in karkadé or as the main ingredient in a cool millefoglie cake.



Serving instructions: After removing from freezer, let sit for a few minutes before serving.


Serving techniques: In a cup, cone or brioche (a special round, fluffy, typically Sicilian bread that is often overhung with the classic “tuppo” or “cozzo”: irresistible with gelato or whipped cream). We suggest using the appropriate spatula or a kitchen spoon to serve. Avoid serving in little balls.