This creamy, tasty speciality arises from a selection of the best Sicilian almonds, originating in the surroundings of the tiny village of Avola. Energizing and with anti-inflammatory properties. Almonds are one of the principal ingredients in Sicilian pastry-making; from the marzipan-based frutta martorana to the ever-present confetti with which Sicilian families celebrate important occasions.

Pale cream in colour with delicious, sweet almond aromas. Intense in flavour, with a soft, smooth and creamy texture and a long, lingering aftertaste.



Re-hydrated skim milk, sugar, Sicilian almond paste 7%, butter, glucose syrup, dextrose, almond flecks 1%. Stabiliser: tara seed flour.


Only all-natural and genuine ingredients. Does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or aromas. The stabiliser employed is tara seed flour, which comes from a Peruvian carob.


Storage temperature: Store in freezer at -18°C.



Brought to Sicily by the Greeks, almonds found an ideal habitat along the coastal hills at the foot of the Iblei Mountains, near Avola, in the Province of Syracuse. Here the climatic conditions and the nature of the calcareous soils guarantee the production of exceptional almonds, considered by many to be the most valued in the world.



Pairings: A perfect marriage is with Moscato di Noto: two specialities that are born beneath the same sky.


Inspiration: A piping-hot, melted chocolate topping is all that is needed to create an irresistible dessert, perfect for every season.



Serving instructions: After removing from freezer, let sit for a few minutes before serving.


Serving techniques: In a cup, cone or brioche (a special round, fluffy, typically Sicilian bread that is often overhung with the classic “tuppo” or “cozzo”: irresistible with gelato or whipped cream). We suggest using the appropriate spatula or a kitchen spoon to serve. Avoid serving in little balls.