This creamy and crunchy speciality arises out of the union of the gelato and Modica’s famous chocolate. It was the Spaniards that borrowed the secrets for cold processing of cocoa from the Aztecs and revealed them to the Sicilians during their sixteenth-century domination of the island. Today only the small city of Modica keeps this noble pastry-making tradition alive, turning it into a Mecca for devoted gourmets.

Milk chocolate in colour with delicious, intense, chocolatey aromas, typical of Modica’s chocolate. Full in flavour, with a luxurious smooth texture, enlivened by crispy chocolate drops.



Re-hydrated skim milk, sugar, butter, cocoa 7%, dextrose, glucose syrup, Modica’s chocolate drops 1%. Stabiliser: tara seed flour.


Only all-natural and genuine ingredients. Does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or aromas. The stabiliser employed is tara seed flour, which comes from a Peruvian carob.


Storage temperature: Store in freezer at -18°C.



The town of Modica is a UNESCO world heritage site near Ragusa, in South-Eastern Sicily. In recent years Modica has become an important tourist destination, attracting both cultural and culinary tourists. It is also a centre of interest for literature buffs, wanting to visit the same places inhabited by Montalbano, renowned protagonist of the novels of Camillieri.



Pairings: Perfect with wines like Marsala Vergine or Passito di Pantelleria, or with rum. It lends elegance and unusualness to berry, candied lemon and citrus fruit pies. It is a real triumph with whipped cream.


Inspiration: Try after a spice meal or spicy hot dishes, like the typical pennette all’arrabbiata, abundant in hot chili. Amazing as an ingredient for special cakes, like those made with dried figs marinated in brandy.



Serving instructions: After removing from freezer, let sit for a few minutes before serving.


Serving techniques: in a cup, cone or brioche (a special round, fluffy, typically Sicilian bread that is often overhung with the classic “tuppo” or “cozzo”: irresistible with gelato or whipped cream). We suggest using the appropriate spatula or a kitchen spoon to serve. Avoid serving in little balls.