The island of Sicily is like a continent, characterised by a wide variety of soil and climatic conditions. The sea bathes rocky coasts and the whitest of beaches. There are mountains that surpass 10000 feet with the snow-capped peaks of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. In the middle there is a productive countryside, hills rich in grazing lands, fertile plains and desert-like areas. Then there is the climate - mild and generous. Like a treasure chest this rich land holds within itself an extraordinary cornucopia of food and agricultural products - in some cases unknown to the outside world.

Our ingredients are
the land, the climate, their fruits.

The work of man does the rest: it creates the recipes that respect tradition and produces gelato with the support of innovative technologies that permit the preservation of the true flavours of basic ingredients selected from the best the territory has to offer. This is how Monsù acts: with the philosophy of the farmer, the passion of the artisan and the technology of industry.