1. What does the name Monsù mean?

The word “monsieur” evolved through use and dialect until it became Monsù. This honorific title was given to French chefs who served Palermo’s 19th-century aristocratic families during the Bourbon reign. The Monsù greatly contributed to give Sicilian cuisine its famous variety and mixture of tastes. The company took this name to enhance the local culinary traditions with homely, wholesome and natural recipes.

2. Where does the production take place?

The small family run company is located in Palermo in the area that Goethe called the Valley of Gold, today renowned as “Conca d’Oro” for its abundance of oranges and lemons. Top quality raw materials from small local producers are being used for some of the island’s traditional recipes.

3. Is Monsù an artisanal product?

Monsù is a semi-artisanal ice cream, our gelato is produced by mastri gelatieri who conceived the recipes starting from top-notch Sicilian ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colours or aromas. Our gelato contains a lower percentage of air if compared to industrial products. The industrial production assures top safety, hygiene and preservation.

4. In which tastes can I find Monsù?

All tastes are available on this page. A data sheet will drop-down by selecting a flavour.

5. Can I eat Monsù if I am allergic?

There is certainly a product that will suit you best! Details are available on each of the individual tastes within the Products section. There you will find the ingredients, description and useful suggestions for the preparation and the consumption. Traces of hazelnut, almond, pistachio, cannolo, chocolate, strawberry, lemon and mint may be contained in different flavours due to shared production lines. Please contact via email our nutritional experts to have further information.

6. Where can I buy Monsù?

Write an email to to know where the nearest store located to you is.

7. What should I do if I want to sell your products?

8. I am a journalist, whom do I contact regarding media coverage? 

  • If you are interested, please contact Alessia Panzeca who is in charge of the Press Office.
  • email:
  • tel: +39 335 6522242