Family Business

Monsù is a small, family run company located in Palermo in the area that Goethe called the Valley of Gold, today renowned as “Conca d’Oro” for its abundance of oranges and lemons.

Monsù was set up in Sicily thanks to the intuition of Andrea Vesco’s son Francesco, a strong advocate of his land’s potential. Francesco grew up in a family committed for generations to working with the island’s gastronomical treasures and dreamt of an ice cream based on the unique nature of the land combined with avant-garde production techniques. A fresh, thirst-quenching, tasty ice cream, prepared with tender loving care following simple and genuine recipes. This gave life to the new Monsù project, also supported by nephews Alessandro, Andrea and Francesco. It took months of experimentation and group taste-tests guided by the most intransigent palates - those of the owners - true Sicilians. Today this small family owned company proudly introduces the recipes of the island’s tradition of pastries and desserts, using only the highest quality basic ingredients from excellent small regional producers.